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(Almost) guilt free Christmas drinking. - Body Fix Bootcamp York


(Almost) guilt free Christmas drinks.

It’s Christmas and the fact is, most of us are going to indulge in (more than) a few drinks between now and the New Year.

The close proximity of extended family, over-excited kids and a massive feast to prepare makes a cheeky gin while you’re stirring the gravy an integral part of the coping process.

If your focus on clean eating is unshakeable then I apologise for this blog. My respect and envy at the willpower you have is enormous….and when you’ve still lost inches despite the festivities I’ll be more than a little sad that I gave in to temptation.

So, I’ve admitted it, I’m going to drink…..HOWEVER….it definitely won’t be every day for the next week and a half. I’ll have limits. From 6pm when I finish work on Christmas Eve till after Boxing Day lunch it’s game on. Then I’ll back on the green tea and water. It’s the same plan for New Year.

When I do drink I’ll also be choosing as wisely as possible…

-Vodka or Gin and soda water- low calorie but a bit boring.

-Guinness-more whole grains than normal beer, who knew!?

-Champagne and Prosecco with raspberries and blackberries getting fat and yummy in the bottom-it has fruit in it, therefore it is healthy?!

-Skinny White Russian-coffee (anti-oxidant), coconut milk (protein), vodka (low calorie spirit)

-Vodka, ginger and orange (Well I think it’s lovely…try it!)

There’s a million alternatives to mindless chugging….I’ve even contemplated adding a splash of gin to the SuperGreens I have stashed in my freezer….boozy slush puppy!

Drink it, appreciate it, taste it…….and, for the love of God, hide the Quality Streets, Doritos and deep fried Brie….it’s the tipsy raids on the fridge at 2am that cause more damage to any clean regime than the gin and tonics that led you to be stumbling around the kitchen searching for ‘treats’

At BodyFix Transformation Centre we are serious about nutrition, health and fitness. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our members reach their goals.

But we are also realistic. We will support, coach and advise rather than tell you off…..

Interested in joining the BodyFix family? We have a new 4 week block starting on the 4th Jan 2016.

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