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Beat your sugar cravings at The BodyFix Transformation Centre, York - Body Fix Bootcamp York

BodyFix Bootcamp, York will help you finally beat your sugar cravings.

Before I joined the BodyFix Bootcamp group fitness classes at their Transformation Centre in York I was a slave to my sugar cravings.

Pick and Mix is my drug….oh and Haribo jelly babies….then there’s chocolate mis-shapes from the pound shop. My list of food vices is long and embarrassing and if I got the itch for any of them I’d give in, it just wasn’t worth the fight so I would scoff and embrace the guilt!

A crucial part of the BodyFix program is nutrition. Meal plans, recipes and support and advice on what, when and how to eat are included in your membership. When I joined, I read all the information with enthusiasm and imagined all the healthy meals and snacks I’d be enjoying.

However habits are hard to break and my need for sugar would (and occasionally still does) ruin all my best intentions for eating a clean and healthy diet.

With the support of the BodyFix trainers I learnt how to change my eating habits for the better. I’m able to swerve my cravings for sugar about 80% of the time and know not to beat myself up when I do indulge.

If you are interested in learning more about how to eat better, get fit and feel healthier in body and mind then click here:


Discover your triggers.

Lack of sleep. Stress. Feeling sad. ‘I’ve worked hard today, I deserve a treat!’ Worry.
These situations and emotions are guaranteed to make me need a sugar fix. Knowing your personal craving triggers will be a huge help and source of power in your battle to defeat them.
Food diaries are always a great idea on any healthy eating plan. Keep a mood and sleep diary too and you will be able to identify where it all goes a bit wrong.

Be prepared.

If I’m having a crappy day at work the siren call of the chocolate flapjack the canteen sells is often so loud I can barely concentrate. In anticipation of this I always have either a packet of my favourite Naked bars, some cinnamon sweet chai teabags or a tub of dark chocolate in my bag.

Distract yourself.

Do some exercise. Play a game on your phone. Call a friend. Watch a funny film. Remove yourself from the food!

Don’t buy it.

You can’t eat chocolate that isn’t there! This is especially effective in winter when a Saturday corner shop run means stepping out into the cold and dark.
This one is hard when you have a family….but my kids haven’t really suffered from having a permanently empty biscuit tin and my husband is very good at hiding his Dairy Milk (git!)

Brush your teeth.

It’s a bit ridiculous but unless it’s peppermint Aero you are craving this really works a treat! Whatever you eat, delicious as it may be normally, is going to taste rubbish and by the time the mint wears off hopefully the craving will have passed by.

Drink water or have a cup of tea.

Proper hydration will stop you from confusing hunger and thirst. Chugging a big glass of water will fill your tummy and a proper cuppa tea made by someone else (so you can avoid the kitchen!) always feels like a treat and has diverted many of my comfort food cravings.


Find something delicious and healthy to munch on instead. I adore homemade guacamole and if that’s in the fridge I’ll always eat that before even thinking of chocolate. Find a clean snack you love and keep it close by.


Deep, focused breathing is great for relaxation and is perfect if the cause of your craving is stress, worry or anxiety.
Try scenting your home with appetite suppressing grapefruit and peppermint oils or candles.

Be kind to yourself.

So you ate a family size Batternburg?! Join the club….I did that once too. The sugar crash will probably be grim and you will feel guilty…..but don’t be cross with yourself….move on, recognise what led you to it and resolve to make better choices. Make your next meal a healthy one rather than letting one relapse ruin a whole day, week or month of clean eating.



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