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BodyFix Calisthenics Conditioning Course .....so excited!! - Body Fix Bootcamp York

You know that ‘kid in a sweet shop/vegan in an organic greengrocers’ bouncing round the room type of excitement?! I have that RIGHT NOW!

I was casually sat on the sofa with my cuppa green tea, cat on lap and wasting an hour of my life on Pinterest… when up pops a BodyFix Transformation Centre post….what might this be wonders I?! Next thing the cat has been launched in the air as I leap up to do a little dance of glee!

What news?! A Calesthenics Conditioning Course at Bootcamp….so cool it deserves ALL the capital letters!

Now, please don’t mistake me, I love Bootcamp classes, adore TurboFit, really enjoy bumbling my way through the odd TurboBox and having a mess around (safely) with weights is one of my favourite things to do in the world….I’m way more than happy with the opportunities to train at BodyFix Transformation Centre.

But Instagram, Pinterest, Liking Frank Medrano’s Facebook page (Google him!) and a great book on the library shelf in the Health Store piqued my interest in the discipline whose name I STILL can’t spell. Calisthenics!

Why? The exercises looked difficult, progressive, fun….the strength and control displayed made me go ‘Wow!’ Of course vanity helped….the incredible physique of the men and woman practising was inspiring….who wouldn’t want to look like that?!

So for a while now my PT sessions have consisted of Craig patiently ignoring my rubbish-ness, ‘Can I try that?!’ wonderings and occasional frustrated strops. I’ve been practising handstands (I’m all right once I can get my legs up into them…just takes me 26 goes!) headstands (easier than I imagined) and L-sits at home and when I have a spare moment at Bootcamp….it’s a little bit addictive.

It has meant starting at the beginning….I’m REALLY not very good but the epic journey ahead to get good is all part of the joy of it. And you know what?! It makes me laugh!! I have no idea why but jumping about one minute and trying my hardest to balance and touch my nose in a handstand the next is just brilliant!!!

I’m excited to learn from Callum and really think it’s going to be an amazing course. Literally cannot wait!!!

So sign up through these links lovely people!  Non members can join in too.


28th October-2nd December

7-8am http://tinyurl.com/opnmho2

8.30-9.30pm http://tinyurl.com/nmyps6w

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