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At the beginning of my membership I remember thinking that TurboFit was a class that I’d never be ready for…..a scary place full of super-fit, weight toting mentalists putting themselves through a torture above and beyond what I was struggling with in ordinary Bootcamp classes.

As my fitness increased and I stopped wanting to cough up a lung after every other Burpee my curiosity about the ‘other side’ developed. My worry was always that if i did try it….if I made that leap….Would I be quick enough? Would my arms lift the heavier weights? Could I keep up with everyone else in the class?

Speed was my biggest worry…I will never be fast! My Prisoners are as speedy as they will ever get, that would be ‘not very’…my knees bruise easily! A press up will always include a funny little hands off floor move that I actually can’t not do, but mean they take twice as long as other people’s ‘proper ones.’

Eventually, another Bootcamper kindly agreed, after listening to me witter about ‘risking’ TurboFit, to accompany me to my first class…it was the push I needed, a hand to hold!

In all honesty I have no memory of what we did in that class….what I do remember is enjoying it, feeling foolish that I had ever worried and more than a smidge proud of myself.

There was actually no great leap to take….I just pushed myself a little further than I had been doing in standard Bootcamp…I picked the kettlebells and weights I could manage, focused on getting the exercise technique right rather than speed and just enjoyed it.

Everyone in the class was lovely, they still are….I have felt no judgement, all are too busy getting on with their own workouts to worry about how many Thrusters you have done … will find that TurboFit has the same friendly, supportive atmosphere as all Bootcamp classes….it’s maybe a little quieter as every is just concentrating on doing their own thing at their own pace.

You might find that you will need a little help with technique….there is a definite art to a Dumbell Snatch. I’ve still not quite cracked those and I’ve been a member for over two years…co-ordination ┬áis not my strong point! But that’s ok…I’ve been told how to do some things over and over again and no patience has been lost.

So….if any of you are wondering about taking the next step on your fitness journey, please don’t be worried…I guarantee, that if you are kind to yourself in the first few TurboFit classes, you will enjoy it a whole heap more than you imagine.

And soon…..the weights might just get heavier, your rep rate could get higher and you will be smashing workouts you never dreamed you could do! It happened to me and many other members who now love these classes….be brave!!

What is TurboFit?

-A fitness program designed for established BodyFix Bootcamp members who want to progress to a higher level of fitness and set new personal goals.

-Advanced training techniques which can be regressed and progressed depending on the abilities, strengths and weaknesses of the individual member.

-High intensity 45 minute class incorporating Concept 2 rowers, Kettlebells, Skipping, Dumbells, Barbells, Sprints and body weight exercises linked together in a time based workout format.

-TurboFit is aimed at intermediate to advanced ability levels who want to challenge themselves with a change from the standard BodyFix Bootcamp workout.

-A great way to try out advanced techniques and strength training as part of a safe and effective workout.

-Experienced and patient instructors who will guide members through new techniques and provide ongoing advice and support.





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