“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”

Mark Twain

Having an adventure, be it big or small, setting yourself a comfort zone shattering challenge
or simply doing something you’ve never done before…all these scary ideas can lead to some of life’s most joyous moments.

The feeling of making a, sometimes literal, leap into the unknown and not only surviving but enjoying it is wonderful. I love a good “Oh Wow! Look, LOOK what I just did, how brave, clever, strong, fast…delete or add as appropriate…am I?!?!”

The choices is as big as your imagination…my bucket list is infinite, I’ll never tick it all off but I’m going to try!

-Joining BodyFix Transformation Centre and taking the first, nervous step through the door.
-Signing up for your first 5k race.
-Trying out a TurboBox class
-Climbing a mountain.
-Cooking a healthy three course meal from scratch for you and your family.
-Booking a holiday when you feel less than bikini ready (whatever that means) for you…and resolving to make the changes which will have you sashaying around the beach.
-Taking up cycling
-Tough Mudder

Everyone’s idea of an adventure or challenge is unique and special to them. BodyFix Bootcamp, York has members involved in a variety of different events.
-‘Chasing The Sun’: a hiking, cycling and kayaking charity challenge in the Lake District.
-Total Warrior
-The National Three Peaks
-The Great North Run
-A trek to Everest Base Camp
-A team playing in a Paintballing League
-A trek to Machu Pichu

At BodyFix Transformation Centre we pride ourselves on encouraging and supporting our clients. We can tailor a Personal Training plan to ensure they are ready to do their very best in whatever event they have signed up to.

Training for something new, exciting and a little bit terrifying is great motivation to continue on a fitness journey. You may be thinking that progressing onto chest contact burpees or the next colour of kettlebell might be ‘ More than enough for now thank you very much!’ Of course it is….being in a BodyFix Bootcamp class rather than on the sofa is a challenge already defeated!

However when you get fitter, which you will…and quicker than you think too…I guarantee that you’ll be wanting to push yourself that bit further. A PT session to learn how to lift heavy weights maybe? A cycling tour of Vietnam perhaps? A trail run or Triathlon?!

Most adventures will challenge you physically and your strength and fitness will improve in ways you might not even have expected. I joined an Emergetic Pole Fit course recently and as well as being a real giggle it has improved my posture and arm strength when lifting weights.

Emotional and mental wellbeing will improve too. Depending on what you choose to do the benefits are almost incalculable. Ability to work in a team, lasting friendships, toughness, problem solving, confidence, ability to take calculated risks, an appreciation of nature and ultimately feeling happy because you just did something amazing!

The ‘Chasing The Sun Challenge’ is for the NSPCC. The team would appreciate any sponsorship amount. Many thanks for your support!


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