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Clean Eating at BodyFix Transformation Centre in York. - Body Fix Bootcamp York

The foundation of any transformation programme is food. Choose wisely and carefully with an eye on nutritional value, sensible portions and treating food as fuel.

Putting lots of effort into workouts will help with your fitness but positive, hoped for changes to your body will only happen when your eating habits become healthier. 

It’s not easy to do. We know that and will support you at every step of the way. Stress, cravings, lack of time, emotions and social pressures all conspire to de-rail our best intentions. 

However please believe that small, consistent changes to how you eat will bring massive rewards. Fat loss, fitness increase, mood boosts and and increase in energy.  

The nutritional programme at BodyFix isn’t a diet. It’s a new way of eating that will become a healthy habit for life. No starving yourself, no counting, no fads. Just nutritious food, in the right amounts at the right time. Easy! 

The Rules
-Protein based breakfast. Eggs, porridge, breakfast smoothie. Preferably served with a vegetable or fruit side. 
-High protein. Lots of lean meat, fish, raw nuts and nut butters, eggs and Greek yoghurt. 
-Avoid processed food. If you buy packaged food make sure it has a low number of natural ingredients. 

-Six small meals rather than three big ones.

-Stay hydrated! Lots of water and green tea are ideal choices. 

-Avoid sugar. If you must sweeten food use stevia. 

-Choose wholegrain carbs such as brown rice and pasta. Try and stick to eating them on training days. 

-Embrace carb substitutes such as quinoa and other grains. 

-Keep alcohol to a very occasional treat. It’s full of empty calories that will lead to poor food choices. 

-Portion control. Eat till satisfied, never full. 

-Lots of different coloured vegetables. Make them a focus rather than an afterthought.

-Eat different fruit but not too much. 

-Avoid cows dairy. Choose almond milk, Greek yoghurt, sheep (feta) and goats cheese. 

-Plan your food. Prep meals at the weekend. Don’t food shop when hungry. Be prepared with healthy snacks in the house for when temptation hits.

-If you do indulge in something off plan…make sure you enjoy it, don’t feel guilty just get back into eating clean asap and move on.

-Make yourself accountable to yourself and others. Keep a food diary. Track adherence to the programme. 

-Keep track of your progress, celebrate your success and learn from disappointments. Take photos, measurements and download the BodyFix Tracker app. 

-Ask for help, advice and support from your coaches and other members. 

-Found a healthy recipe that you love?! Share it in the members group! 

Existing Members: Follow the link below for the online manual and make sure you discover the other fantastic resources available in the ‘Files’ section of the Facebook support group. Click on ‘More’ then ‘View Group Info’ to find the file list. 

Online Nutritional Manual

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