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Embrace the turkey! - Body Fix Bootcamp York



Turkeys aren’t the most glamorous creatures on the farm yard are they? Odd looking and awkward…..an ugly sister for the more popular and loved chickens to kick up dust at.

Ahhhh but at Christmas they are the star of the show…the centrepiece of every festive feast! There is nothing more traditional than shoving a plump Turkey in the oven, drowning it in gravy and devouring it while wearing a paper hat and fiddling with a Fortune Fish.

But what is sad for the turkey is that we don’t even give them the glory they deserve for being a valuable and nutritious part of the Christmas lunch, Boxing Day sandwiches and the day after’s curry….it’s too dry, it’s a funny colour….Muuuuuum I’d rather have chicken!!!!

Turkey actually has serious nutrition credentials.

-Protein, essential for muscle building and repair, keeps you full for longer. Turkey has as much protein as beef but fewer calories and fat.
-Selenium-an antioxidant responsible for thyroid metabolism and boosting immunity.
-Niacin-aids digestion, converts food to energy.
-B6-helps boost immunity and metabolism.
-Phosphorus, a mineral used by the body to build healthy bones and teeth.
-Tryptophan, an amino acid our bodies can only get from food and which helps to balance mood.

There’s really only one way to eat turkey on Christmas Day and it isn’t, in my opinion, a day to be worrying too much about how the meat is cooked…..your roast potatoes will no doubt be dripping in goose fat so it’s pretty pointless.

These healthy, clean ideas are for the days after Christmas….a way to put you back on track as soon as possible. While you are doing battle in the supermarket next week spare a thought for the days after the big event. You can’t choose a healthy option for the leftover turkey if all you have in the cupboard is white bread.

-Turkey with lime and mango served with brown rice.
-Shredded turkey with salad in wholemeal wraps.
-Stir fry using up leftover veg too.
-Chilli…when I first tried this I thought it would be odd but it was actually delicious.

A cheat day (rather than just one meal) isn’t going to de-rail all your hard work but continuing day after day isn’t a good idea….adjust your mindset back to chasing your health and fitness goals as soon as possible. January need not be a massive, hellish detox…more a continuation of the decisions made in late December.

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