It’s holiday season! Excited for your summer plans? Prosecco on a Portugese beach or water slides at a holiday park in the South of France? Ice creams in Cornwall or a bucket and spade at Butlins?

Are you beach ready, bikini fit and body confident?! Have you already got your eye on a sexy tropical print, frilly two piece? Or have you been wandering the shops in desperation looking for something, ANYTHING that you feel comfortable in?

The idea of a ‘Perfect Bikini Body’ is nonsense….the ONLY way to feel happy in the moment your sarong hits the sand is to have confidence in your size and shape. ‘Perfect’ for one woman could be bigger boobs and a curvy bottom. Her friend, over there floating out to sea on an air bed, might yearn for a flatter tummy and slimmer thighs.

The real trick is to find that elusive confidence and hold it tight forever more.

If you’re already attending Bootcamp classes at BodyFix
Transformation Centre in York you’ll know that our fun and challenging group fitness classes systematically target every area of the body. We encourage you to follow a simple, nutrition packed and ‘bad’ habit changing food plan. These combined lead to the incredible fat loss, inch reduction and fitness increases our members experience.

Making healthy changes to your diet and increasing exercise levels is empowering and confidence boosting. All the ‘Bikini Body In Two Weeks!!!’ diets advertised in magazines and ‘Sit Up Challenge’ posts that pop up on Instagram will leave you hungry, drained and disappointed. Sensible, structured, supportive and sane is what you really need.

Think you’ve left it too late for any new regime to make a difference? Nope! Even if you aren’t at your goal, whatever that may be, the fact you’re on the way there is going to give you a glow and heaps more confidence while you are on holiday. The changes that WILL have happened to your body are going to be a powerful boost.

So you know the basics….eat healthier food and exercise more and the goals you have set will become reality.

Mental and emotional work has to be done too….confidence and feeling great about your body starts in your head and heart.

-Surround yourself with people on the same mission as you. There’s a real family atmosphere at BodyFix Transformation Centre. Our members support and motivate each other. There’s no competition or comparisons just like-minded people who want to see you succeed.

-Treat your body with the respect and love it deserves. Fuel it with nourishing food, build it’s strength and power at Bootcamp, look after your skin, drink enough water, have a pedicure.

-Stop imagining that other people are looking at you critically. If they have noticed you at all (brutal but true!) they certainly aren’t focusing on your tummy! Your ‘flaws’ may be a massive deal to you but the lady over by the bar is too busy deciding which cocktail to have to notice.

-Buy swimwear and holiday clothes that suit your shape as it is now. Celebrate and focus on the bits of you love. If you really, really dislike everything then treat yourself to a luxury waterproof mascara or bright lip-gloss instead….help yourself to feel beautiful.

-Talk to yourself as you would your best friend. If you wouldn’t say it to her or him don’t say it about yourself. Kindness, positivity and encouraging words will build your self esteem.

-Stop comparing yourself to others! You are unique and gorgeous and, no you may never have her over there’s tiny waist, but she’ll never have your magnificently round bottom either!

To take your first steps towards a happier, fitter, healthier and slimmer you, join our supportive fitness family at BodyFix Transformation Centre.

The new Bootcamp block starts on Monday 27th June.

-Three 45 minute small group sessions a week.

-We pride ourselves on the fat loss, inch reduction and fitness increases our members experience month by month.

-Multiple, flexible time slots to suit you.

-Simple and sane nutrition plan.

-Supportive and friendly trainers.

-Family atmosphere.

Request more information.


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