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‘Oh HELLO there little chickpea! Still warm after being roasted alongside your mates in a smidge of quality Italian olive oil, a sprinkling of authentic Ladakhi curry powder coating your skin made crisp with pink Himalayan salt. You are full of muscle building protein, a bowl of you will keep me full till dinner and your lovely savoury flavour has made the lack of crisps at lunch much easier to deal with’

Ok so I’m actually starving now!! Thinking about a foods I eat regularly in that much detail has made me appreciate it for more than the ‘boring healthy choice’ I was accusing it of being. Chickpeas are pretty awesome!

Having this much of a chat with your meals is clearly a bit odd but there’s good thinking behind adopting a less extreme version of positively interacting with the food that you eat. It is, after all, what will fuel your Bootcamp workouts, help your body recover, repair and become what you want it to be.

Arguably, eating the right food is the most important part of a journey towards a happy relationship with your body. At BodyFix Transformation Centre our nutritional programme is based around ‘clean eating.’ It’s a simple and healthy, long term way of eating.

-Eat plenty of lean protein, good fats and veg.
-Choose whole grain carbs.
-Avoid processed food, sugar and cow’s milk based dairy.

Eating well and with thoughts mainly about nutrition can sometimes feel boring and restrictive….you will be so focused on what you can’t have you may forget about all the loveliness that you can enjoy. Everything we encourage you to eat at BodyFix is full of goodness but it also has the potential to be much, MUCH tastier than a bag of crisps.

How often have you grabbed a quick sandwich and wolfed it down on your lunch break while chatting with colleagues and checking your phone? When it’s gone it feels like you haven’t eaten anything, your brain hasn’t yet registered that energy has been consumed and you’ve not ‘enjoyed’ your meal….it’s a sad moment! (Well the end of any meal is gloomy for me but I’m weird!)

If you were in the Sicilian countryside, surrounded by your gorgeous, joyful Italian family sat at a table groaning with beautiful ruby hued tomatoes, exquisite goat’s cheese, succulent ham and freshly baked whole meal bread studded with olives….you’ve seen the Dolce and Gabbana print adverts?!….you would have enjoyed every mouthful of THAT meal!!

But suck it up because you’re in England and it’s a typical rainy summer…..HOWEVER….if you practice ‘Mindful Eating’ there’s no reason why you can’t put a lovingly crafted salad together on an evening, take a seat at the table with your slightly bonkers, annoying, lovely family and eat slowly, focusing on the texture, smell and flavour of your food….I bet you’d catch the taste of a little Italian sunshine in your tomatoes then!

-Choose what you eat carefully…be conscious of making healthy choices but make sure you love the foods you pick. Eating avocado because it has healthy fats but hating every mouthful will make you sad. Take the time to find out which healthy fat sources you do love.

-Cook your meals with love…what you prepare will nourish you and your family. We’re all time poor but there’s a million and one Instagram stars out there offering up ideas on how to quickly combine, clean, healthy and tasty ingredients. Believe me I am no cook…..nope!…but even I have found easy, lovely meals that take 15 mins and a handful of ingredients from cooker to plate.

-Focus on your food….texture, smell and flavour…..take time and ENJOY every bite. Each meal will be a pleasure and you’ll also eat much less as your body and mind will have registered that you have eaten and that you are no longer hungry.”




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