Is it such a bad thing to indulge in food cravings? 

Chocolate, cake, crisps, cheese, ice cream, wine….we all have foods we are obsessed with, that we dream about and will drive to the corner shop at midnight and pay through the nose for. Mine is peanut butter….a good thing from a jar of organic, less so when it’s chocolate covered in a Reese’s cup or mixed up in a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

These foods make us happy…or is it just me that cries with joy over really good cake?! It is?! Ok well….moving on! Our treats of choice can also cause guilt and make us feel like we have ruined a week of attending every bootcamp session and eating clean.

There have been many occasions when I’ve fallen through the door at Bootcamp on a Monday morning and confessed to the sins of the weekend…every single time the response has been..

“Did you enjoy it?”

A sheepish nod…

“Well then don’t worry about it and move on

I’m someone with little discipline when it comes to food, and I’m sure I’m not the only one with that problem. This non judgemental, patient advice has kept me sane, eating clean the majority of the time and has led me to lose quite a few inches.

Indulging in cravings….

*Keeps you sane.

-Denying yourself a food craving that you really want will make you grumpy and unhappy. You ‘need’ crisps? Wait 30 minutes, if you still can’t stop thinking about them, have a small bowlful, sit and appreciate the taste and texture….enjoy them….then do something else.

*Keeps you motivated.

-A brand new healthy eating program can be overwhelming and the thought of never dipping a Kit Kat in a cup of tea again can be too much to cope with…knowing you can have little treat every now and then can make the whole process a lot easier to see as a long term new way to eat rather than a strict, inflexible diet.

HOWEVER….the key is to have a small amount and to keep it under control. A treat meal for your birthday is fine…indulge, enjoy and have three courses if it makes you happy! But at most other times the trick is to taste the food you are craving and then leave it alone.

It’s not an easy thing to do and I’m not saying I always manage to stick to the ‘couple of squares of chocolate’ rule….but it’s worth it…you get to taste the foods you love, stay sane and keep progressing towards your goals.



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