At most gyms, even at busy times, it can feel really lonely pounding along on that treadmill can’t it?

At BODYFIX TRANSFORMATION CENTRE, YORK the fitness classes are group based throughout the timetable. It’s a format that really works and our members agree…

You will be surrounding yourself with positive people who will motivate you.

The people you spend time with will have a massive impact on your attitude and habits. Choose wisely!

Great atmosphere and everyone supports each other” Kerry

At the first session I was made to feel at ease, everyone was keen to encourage” Neil

It feels like family and you are motivated to do your best” Penny

You will experience the support, kindness and positivity of people who understand.

Sweating and gurning together is bonding….you’ll definitely make friends and they will care, they will miss you, they will hunt you down and make sure you are still on the journey with them. Squat holds hurt….they want you feeling that pain alongside them so you can celebrate reaching your goals together.

“Once you start you will be part of a unique group of friends…” Dan

“I’ve been to normal gyms and they don’t care if you turn up and you could do a class for a year and no one would know your name. I walk in to bootcamp and Craig and Ryan greet me by my name and I feel welcome” Caroline 

“Love it at Bootcamp. Even though I can’t go a lot of the time I’m given encouragement and support not negative remarks for not getting there” Sam

It’s fun. You will laugh. Really, I promise!

You will laugh….it may hurt your abs to do so but a hysterical giggle, bizarre grunt or inappropriate comment will set everyone off!

“I didn’t think it was possible to laugh so much at 6.15am!” Nigel 

Fantastic atmosphere. The instructors are ace” Amy 

“I love the banter” Sam

The trainers are awesome….caring, enthusiastic and know how to plan really effective, enjoyable and varied workouts.

“The trainers…fantastic set of lads!” Lisa 

“Massive thank you for my PT today Ryan, your encouragement kept me going. Was tough but I’m well chuffed with the increase in weights” Anita

“They make you believe you can. Now I know I can!” Amanda

“Amazing trainers that keep you motivated and give support in anything from nutrition to technique and much more” Kerry

You will get results. Guaranteed. Your shape, fitness and mindset will all improve more than you dared dream.

“Changed my figure completely and changed my life too” Katie 

“I’ve got fitter, littler but most importantly, psychologically better too” Emer

“My clothes are baggy now!” Nigel

“In my eyes I owe a great deal to these guys they have changed me from that fat guy who struggled to walk over Tesco bridge to that not so fat guy who is extremely happy with his new improved lifestyle” Andy


Our highly successful Body Fix Bootcamp Program aimed at men and women who want to slim down, tone up and feel great, has space for new clients to join to see what all the fuss is about!
We are offering a limited number of free spaces to try out Body Fix Bootcamp for 14 days absolutely free, no contracts, no strings!
Our next camp starts on Monday 23rd November.

-3 x 45 minute sessions per week.

-Multiple/ flexible time slots.

-Nutrition plan and resources.

-Full, ongoing support from our friendly instructors.

-Private online support group.

apply now

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