I’ve always been in awe of the boot-campers who did the Body Fix Heath Store juice plans. My imagination suggested it must take super-human strength of will, a commitment to days of misery and intense boredom.

Eating is a great source of joy for me…..it will never, ever just be ‘fuel’…as soon as I’ve eaten my tea I start planning and looking forward to my breakfast. It never occurred to me that I could actually do a juice diet….I just didn’t have the faith that I could stick at what, I thought, would be a horrible experience.

Then I spent a week eating nothing but junk….by the end of that weekend I felt shocking and knew my body needed some serious TLC…..looking at all the pretty coloured juices in the fridge at bootcamp after and craving the goodness in them I just had a ‘sod it!’ moment and decided to go for it. Three days seemed long enough for an apprehensive newbie so I chose the Kick Start Juice Program.

As soon as I got home the doubts started….what the hell did I do that for?! Nothing for it but to eat everything in the house to make sure the raging hunger I was convinced I was about to experience was held off for as long as possible.

So…..did I survive?! Yes! It was a million times easier and more enjoyable than I had imagined and I highly recommend you try it.

juiceWhat I learnt…

Having your meal choices restricted is enjoyable.

All your meals for the day are chosen, prepared and ready to consume. No worrying about eating clean, portion control or vitamin intake. I frequently obsess and worry about food and it was a relief to have a break from that inner struggle.

Hunger is not an issue on a juice plan

Truly staggering! Not once in the whole three days did I feel hungry! In fact I sometimes struggled to finish all my juices. Not because I was bored of them….I just felt satiated, something I rarely feel when eating normally.

Going for lunch with friends while juicing is not as horrific as you would imagine

While I admit that watching people eating brownies and drinking wine as I sipped peppermint tea was not my favourite part of the juice plan it was easier to deal with than I thought it would be. No cups were smashed in a jealous rage, no tears were shed…..I simply knew that I’d made a decision for very good reasons and felt proud that I was staying strong.
That said, it is a good idea to choose the days, week or month you juice in very carefully. A work lunch or wedding half way through the program would be difficult to manage.

Juicing changes your relationship with food.

My cravings were for the act of eating, not food itself. I wasn’t actually hungry but wanted to eat because it was lunch time and that’s what you do. My tummy wasn’t rumbling but I was eager for a snack simply because my bum was parked on the sofa as I watched a film…..the list is endless and I ended the program much more aware of when I am food hungry and when I am habit hungry.

During the plan, treating my body great quality, nutritious fuel felt indulgent and I was keen to extend that feeling. Once the three days were up I had no desire to eat anything other than clean food. Healthy choices suddenly make sense when you experience how wonderful they make you feel.

You will feel and look amazing!

On the first day I had a couple of low level headaches but these soon disappeared and I was left feeling energised with a sparkly eyes, glowing skin and I enjoyed the best sleep I’ve had in months. Over the three days I lost 3 pounds but more importantly my clothes felt looser and my tummy was much flatter.

Ursula, Lynne and Amanda completed 5 Day Cleanse Programs recently too...

“Firstly I am surprised how nice the juices are, they taste so good,especially the lemon sherbet. I’m also surprised how I do not feel hungry at all as I thought I would.
Today I’ve had a low grade headache, so I have increased my water intake, I’m putting it down to all the nasty toxins leaving my body. I feel less bloated and I think my wrinkles around my eyes are less obvious, and its only day 2!
I am enjoying not having to think about what I’m eating next and feel that afterwards I will continue to make better choices with food”

“Today is day 5 and my final day of juicing and I must say I really enjoyed it knowing I’m giving my body such fantastic fuel!
It was so nice not to make any pack ups and just grab 4 of the bottles to take to work on a 10 hour shift.
The first couple of days were slightly harder as I had headaches I call them ‘low sugar headaches’. I feel amazing and my tummy feels really great too with no bloating and my clothes are definitely a lot closer but I am not bothered to go on the scale.
It just feels wonderful that I have given my body this for 5 days. Also, thinking ahead of the next couple of weeks, I really feel but I want to eat mainly clean foods.”

“This is day 3 for me and I’m feeling good so far.
I’ve worked out my routine now to avoid energy slumps in the afternoon. I’m having my snack juice around 3 and making it one with banana or avocado in it as I feel it keeps my energy levels up. This would of normally been one of the many sugar filled sweets at work.
I’m sleeping better which is probably due to the sugar and caffeine being removed from my day.
I’m not standing on the scales until weigh in day but I’ve noticed a change in the fit of my clothes already, even after 3 days!


The Juice Programs explained.

-Glowing skin
-Loss of weight
-A flatter stomach
-Cravings controlled
-Habit changing
-Renewed commitment to healthy eating
-Clearer thought processes
-Mood lifting
-Improved sleep

These are just some of the benefits to be enjoyed on a Body Fix Health Store Juice Program? Juicing is a wonderfully effective way of transforming your body on the inside and out.

Cleansing through juicing gives the body a rest from the day in, day out task of breaking down and digesting food. Only consuming nutrient rich liquids for a period of time will re-set your system and give your body time to concentrate on the removal of toxins and the absorption of the nutrients in the delicious juices we provide here at the Body Fix Health Store in York.

3 Day Super Greens Kickstart Program

Great for people who are new to juicing, our 3 day juice plan is a fantastic way to detox your body, change daily habits and kickstart a happier, healthier you!

5 Day Cleanse Program

The 5 day juice plan will give more dramatic results than the 3 day. It will aid weight loss, increase your metabolism and promote a sense of rejuvenation and well being by providing the body with a multitude of essential minerals and vitamins.

21 day Refresh Program

Our exclusive Juice 21 program provides you with a fully inclusive 21 day wellness program designed around our highly successful 5 day cleanse program combined with a wide variety of support resources and nutritional supplements.

Our 21 day refresh juice system is a three phase process, starting with a pre cleanse which assists with allowing the body to prepare for the second phase or juice phase. Once phases one and two are complete, phase three or post cleanse, completes this amazing program.

This program is aimed at people who want to maximise their results and feel INCREDIBLE!”

Go to www.bodyfixbootcampyork.com for more information 

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