Our online personal training service provides an opportunity for clients who struggle to get to our in person sessions the ability to undertake our tailored workout and nutrition plans.

Personal Training describes a specific program, designed for an individual client to achieve one or several targets or goals. Our individualised, tailored online exercise and nutrition plans deliver long term sustainable results through carefully managing your daily routine of exercise and nutrition.

ProCoach by Precision Nutrition is a powerful software program which creates very specific programs based on each individual clients needs and goals whilst also providing 28 workout programs based on exactly where you are on your journey, these include:


Whats the process?

Firstly we qualify every new client with an initial consultation, this can be done in person, over FaceTime or by telephone

We tailor an exercise & nutrition program to meet your specific needs

We support you and keep you accountable towards your goals

We reassess your progress & tweak your program as required

What do I need to do?

Firstly complete the qualification consultation….

If your application is successful;

Complete a daily exercise & nutrition log

Commit to exercising 3-5 times per week for 30 minutes to 1 hour

Submit required information including progress photos, statistics and daily logs

So if you are:

  • Ready to begin a tailored, tried and tested exercise & nutrition plan
  • Ready to commit to the program
  • Ready to dive in and start straight away
  • Ready to achieve the results that you want in the quickest possible time
  • Ready to invest in YOU

Please complete the contact form and one of our senior coaches will be in touch to discuss your requirements in further detail.



Primary School Teacher

Kris is a primary school teacher who plays Sunday league football, is a member of a budget 24/7 gym and has recently joined a local running club. Although Kris understands the principles behind a good nutrition plan and exercise regime, the overwhelming amount of information has created a situation where he feels lost and unsure what to do. kris has also picked up a knee injury which he doesn’t want to make any worse.

Our ProCoach software will create a long term sustainable plan which will take into account Kris’ job, current exercise regime along with his knee injury and create a specific tailored program to suit his needs. Our coaches will be on hand for support and guidance throughout the process. Ultimately Kris would like an easy to follow but in depth program that can be altered to suit his changing needs.



Stay at home mum

Sarah is a stay at home mum with young children, she struggles to fit in regular exercise due to looking after the children. Sarah’s eating habits are good with a wide range of foods however she’s not sure if she is consuming the right amounts of everything she needs to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Our ProCoach software will create a customisable package for Sarah, incorporating her back ground knowledge of healthy foods and add in an exercise regime that she can undertake at home or in the gym. Our coaches will keep Sarah accountable and check in regularly to ensure she’s on the right track! Sarah would love to lose a little bit of weight that she has gained since having her kids and tone up in order to get back to where she was.



Independent Business Owner

Vanessa owns a very successful cleaning business and utilises the local gym whenever she can. She enjoys running and regularly undertakes 10k competitions. She eats well and enjoys socialising with friends. her biggest requirement is the accountability to a coach who will be on hand to guide her exercise and nutrition.

ProCoach along with our coaches can help deliver a very specific plan for Vanessa, this will be totally based on her exacting requirements and can be altered instantly wherever required. Daily check-ins and lessons will help Vanessa improve her routine and support her needs of an easy to follow program and help her achieve a long term goal of completing a marathon!



Business Owner/Director

Steve is a typical business owner or director who works long, unsociable hours and struggles to exercise and eat consistently. He knows what he “should” be doing but implementing those functions into his daily routines is difficult.

Our coaches, combined with the ProCoach Software, will create an  individualised exercise and nutrition plan, tailored specifically to Steve’s busy, hectic lifestyle. The software is fully customisable to ensure new daily habits and tracking requirements are met without taking up huge amounts of time. Steve wants to be told what to do and when whilst achieving long term sustainable results, ProCoach will deliver this.


£147/12 Weeks
  • Weekly contact with your designated coach
  • Weekly accountability calculation sheet
  • Tailored exercise & nutrition program
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££297/12 Weeks
  • Twice weekly contact from your designated coach
  • Weekly exercise routines
  • Weekly nutrition program
  • Weekly accountability tracker
  • Access to smart phone tracker app


£97/12 Months
  • Access to the full ProCoach Software
  • Daily habit and lifestyle coaching
  • Daily nutrition and exercise tracking
  • Daily individualised check in from your designated coach
  • This is our most popular program for clients who want guaranteed results and continuous support from their coach
  • Pay monthly option to spread the cost of the program
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