Personal Training

Body Fix Transformation Centre was established with the sole purpose of helping people just like you, to transform their bodies and ultimately their lives, by providing long term, results driven training programs. Exercise & nutrition are important factors in our general health & wellbeing and our personal training packages support long term results in a safe and effective manner.

The health and fitness industry is full of false promises and quick fix fad diets that promise quick fixes but ultimately never lead to long term success.

Our number one focus is entirely on you, your needs and your results. We undertake an in depth consultation that enables us to build an exercise and nutrition program that meets your needs and your requirements.

Why Personal Training?

  • Individualised exercise & nutrition programming
  • Client centred approach 1:1 with trainer to maximise results
  • Flexible time-slots to suit client needs
  • Semi private training facility
  • Results based training objectives
  • Exercise & Nutrition Coaching

Our 1:1 Personal Training packages allows you to work individually with your instructor, in a semi private functional training facility, working towards YOUR goals and targets. Sessions are fully flexible on a weekly basis to suit your schedule.

So whether you are already an athlete or you are looking for the right place to start and become slimmer, fitter and stronger, we promise we can help you achieve your targets.

Are you:

  • Determined to achieve fantastic, lasting results?
  • Serious about kickstarting a happier, healthier you?
  • Ready to begin a tried and tested workout and nutrition formula?
  • Committed to workout 2-4 times per week?


So that we can be sure that we can tailor a program specific to your needs and mindset we provide a consultation to enable us to best understand your requirements. You will sit down with a senior member of the team, who will go through exactly what you are looking for, the timescales you are working to and any other areas or issues that you wish us to work on together.

Depending on your specific needs, we will either be able to give you a suggested plan of action there and then or we may arrange a second meeting where required. Equally if we feel that what we offer is not right for you we will always advise you on alternative solutions.

Please complete the “get started” form below in as much detail as possible and we will be in touch shortly!

My weekly PT sessions have complimented and enhanced my bootcamp program by enabling me to focus on key areas of my training. I enjoy boxing classes but PT sessions with pad work refines my boxing technique and dramatically increases my fitness. I have also used my PT sessions for weight training and smashed my personal best for deadlifts. Craig has become a good friend and is very knowledgeable and supportive personal trainer. He puts up with my whining, swearing, personal dramas and I even get to punch him when he isn’t quick enough to block it! After putting up with me Craig will either get a medal or be sectioned. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


I love my PT session. They are always different, always tough and a proper good workout. I think it works for me because Craig knows just how much he can push me on an individual level which is fab. I am very self motivated so do push myself in classes but is good to have someone else challenge me to go that little bit faster, heavier and longer.


When I first began my PT sessions I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. It was a personal challenge but has also given me the structure to tackle the insecurities all girls appear to have, mine are still ongoing, no one’s perfect but the impact from seeing the results on my body has been amazing. The feeling I get when lifting 50kg is something I would never have thought possible. I felt like I’d turned into the incredible hulk!
The inches have dropped off drop and I no longer focus on my weight-it’s just a number. I’m achieving so much and doing something to that makes me mentally stronger too. Working towards a goal, no matter how simple, will make you feel so much happier.
For myself in 2016 I want to be able to define different muscle groups. With the help of keen trainers and supportive Bootcamp members my journey will be an easy one.


PT is my favourite way of training, the best thing about it is that it is specified to your personal goals and targets. The one to one training is very motivational. The focus is on you so you’re not able to hide away and you are pushed to work to your limits. Ryan, my PT, works me to my maximum, he helps with techniques and brings a motivational vibe to each PT.


6 x 1:1 Personal Training Sessions

£250.00/6 x 1 Hour
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12 x 1:1 Personal Training Sessions

££450/12 sessions
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1Session Per Week Monthly Direct Debit

Minimum 12 Weeks
££180/4 Weeks
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2 Sessions Per Week Monthly Direct Debit

Minimum 12 Weeks
££320/4 Weeks
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3 Sessions Per Week Monthly Direct Debit

Minimum 12 Weeks
££420/4 Weeks
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4 Sessions Per Week Monthly Direct Debit

Minimum 12 Weeks
££480/4 Weeks
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Group Personal Training 1:4

1 Session Per Week
££70/4 Weeks
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Group Personal Training 1:4

2 Sessions Per Week
££140/4 Weeks
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