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Planning your meals-the key to a healthier, stress free relationship with food. - Body Fix Bootcamp York

To consistently make healthy, energising, timely and cost effective food choices would be a wonderful thing….every day our bodies would enjoy all the food groups, vitamins and nutrients they need, we’d never be hungry or overstuffed and guilt would be banished.

I suspect that for many of us what I just described feels like a fairytale set in the land of un-limited time and money, peopled by characters who never experience stress, emotion, unexpected invites, visitors or birthday meals out.

But it IS possible to take control and eat well for the majority of the time. The key to successfully eating well is PLANNING.

Without fore-thought and a bit of prep a mad morning dash out of the door will lead to a latte and Danish at your desk. If you don’t think ahead and pack a healthy lunch the chocolate cake being offered up in the canteen will be a million times more tempting than schlepping to the shop for a healthier (but still processed!) salad wrap. If you get home late and there’s nothing quick, easy and nutritious to whip up in five minutes you might just cave in to a sad tea of crisps and toast in front of the TV.

There will always be surprises to catch you out…champagne unexpectedly popped to celebrate a friend’s engagement, a restaurant waiter suggesting a £2.50 offer on cinnamon waffles and ice cream or your child proudly bringing home the scones they made at school. The trick is to plan that evening or the next day to accommodate those understandable and joy filled ‘lapses’

The big birthday blowout which you would really like to last all weekend?! Do it! But have a super clean week beforehand and your chocolate fudge cake will taste all the sweeter, the wish you made as you blew out your candles for a better bottom will still come true!

Whether you are blessed with a flare for cooking or a total nightmare in the kitchen the BODYFIX HEALTH STORE has all you need to help you plan your meals…as you leave after your workout grab a Very Berry smoothie to enjoy for breakfast the next day, a delicious GSN Pot of Gold to take to work for lunch or some GSN chicken breasts to defrost for a super quick stir fry for tea.

Eating clean takes discipline, clever shopping and an eye on the next few days meals as well as the one you are about to devour. Let the convenience and value available at BodyFix Bootcamp, York make your planning a little easier to manage.

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