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Personal Training at BodyFix, York - Body Fix Bootcamp York



*Get fit *Look thinner *Feel healthier  *Drop a dress size

Those are the immediate goals of most people when they begin a fitness and nutrition programme. The BodyFix Bootcamp in York offers a training and eating plan which will help you achieve each of those….we are results based and our client’s successes are testament to that.

*Stronger *More muscle tone *Complete a 10k run *Firmer bottom 

As your fitness journey continues you will recognise the amazing feats your body is capable of achieving and which aspects of exercise you enjoy the most.

Your goals will become more specific and personal to you. The fitness bug bites hard and once you see the positive changes on your body, wellbeing and mood training will become addictive.

The logical next step is Personal Training.

It’s not just for celebrities who take their teacup dogs along in their gym bags or for the poor sods I’ve seen being yelled at by very scary men as they run round the park.

The benefits of Personal Training at the BodyFix Transformation Centre are extensive.

-A personalised fitness and nutrition program.

Together you and your trainer will go through what you want to achieve and how you will reach those goals. It could be you have a yearning for toned arms, you might want to learn how to lift heavier weights in class or discover if you really do have a six pack hiding away under there. The possibilities are endless, flexible and achievable….

-You will learn new ways to train.

Mixing up your workout is hugely beneficial, surprise your body with new movements and  your body will change quicker. There is also zero chance of ever feeling bored with the way you exercise.

Personally, I was fascinated by the handstands and fancy pull ups performed by the fit ladies of Instagram…..so we worked Calisthenics into my training plan.


This has always been an important part of the BodyFix ethos; there are people at your gym who actually care if your turn up or not.

Personal Training is a powerful extension of that. Your trainer will know all about your hopes and dreams of smashing a 100kg deadlift or slinking into a Sz 10 dress…you have the help and support of someone who can make them a reality so now you need a damn good excuse why you aren’t on your way there.

-Your limits will be pushed.

We often convince ourselves we can’t….too tired, too cold, too hot, hungover, grumpy, it hurts….your trainer knows your capabilities well enough to push you past can’t. Little by little your limits will be stretched and ‘can’t’ will become ‘not yet’.

-Encouragement and support.

Your own personal cheerleader albeit without Pom Poms sadly! When I’m doing dreaded sprints on the rower the only reason my times are consistent is having Craig reminding me that I AM capable of more power, that my legs need to be more involved in order to go quicker and that it’s just 15 seconds more!
When I lift a bar 10kg heavier than I had intended for ALL the reps simply because Craig is puzzled as to why I would even consider going lighter…well it’s mint!

-A watchful eye.

Your PT will; check technique so you get the most out of your reps and don’t injure yourself, make sure you don’t overtrain and count your reps (I always, always forget and would hate to do too many-though I occasionally suspect Craig isn’t being honest!)
Many of our established BodyFix Bootcamp members have signed up for Personal Training. Craig and Ryan are both brilliant at what they do; supportive, knowledgeable, fun, experienced and with a streak of ‘constructive’, ‘well meaning’ evil in them…..Satan in a tracksuit is a pretty apt description halfway through a PT session!


My weekly PT sessions have complimented and enhanced my bootcamp program by enabling me to focus on key areas of my training. I enjoy boxing classes but PT sessions with pad work refines my boxing technique and dramatically increases my fitness. I have also used my PT sessions for weight training and smashed my personal best for deadlifts. Craig has become a good friend and is very knowledgeable and supportive personal trainer. He puts up with my whining, swearing, personal dramas and I even get to punch him when he isn’t quick enough to block it! After putting up with me Craig will either get a medal or be sectioned. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

When I first began my PT sessions I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. It was a personal challenge but has also given me the structure to tackle the insecurities all girls appear to have, mine are still ongoing, no one’s perfect but the impact from seeing the results on my body has been amazing. The feeling I get when lifting 50kg is something I would never have thought possible. I felt like I’d turned into the incredible hulk!
The inches have dropped off drop and I no longer focus on my weight-it’s just a number. I’m achieving so much and doing something to that makes me mentally stronger too. Working towards a goal, no matter how simple, will make you feel so much happier.
For myself in 2016 I want to be able to define different muscle groups. With the help of keen trainers and supportive Bootcamp members my journey will be an easy one.

PT is my favourite way of training, the best thing about it is that it is specified to your personal goals and targets. The one to one training is very motivational. The focus is on you so you’re not able to hide away and you are pushed to work to your limits. Ryan, my PT, works me to my maximum, he helps with techniques and brings a motivational vibe to each PT.

I highly recommend PT with Craig as both myself and my friend Kirsty have genuinely said that our PT sessions have made us stronger, more toned in the upper body & improved our technique. They are also great fun!

I love my PT session. They are always different, always tough and a proper good workout. I think it works for me because Craig knows just how much he can push me on an individual level which is fab. I am very self motivated so do push myself in classes but is good to have someone else challenge me to go that little bit faster, heavier and longer.

I have been having personal training sessions with Craig & Ryan for the past year. I felt I was plateauing a little and for my own personal progression decided to have a PT once a week. I have had the opportunity to work on my lifting & worked on my technique and been pushed to my limits.

If you are interested in trying out a Personal Training session with us click here and get in touch.





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