Rewarding success-reaching fitness and health goals.

One of the most important aspects of the BodyFix Transformation Centre program is goal setting….we encourage our members to regularly evaluate what they want to achieve in each new four week block or series of blocks.

Reaching the fitness and health goals you have set yourself can be hard work. Juggling family and work to find the time to work-out, the planning and cooking of clean meals when actually all you really want for dinner is an entire packet of chocolate digestives and a bottle of red wine…..oh and, of course, then there are the joys of burpees, jump lunges and tricep dips!

When your efforts reward you with results….and they will….just keep going….it’s very important to recognise what you have achieved and mark it in a significant way.

Imagining buying jeans in a size smaller or completing a Triathlon are powerful ideas in themselves. However, treating yourself to something lovely…. theatre tickets, new clothes or simply just a couple of hours, by yourself, reading a book in a coffee shop….when you reach a goal is also a great way to stay motivated.

There’s a chance that previously food or alcohol will have been your treat of choice for a job well done. But at the beginning of this journey it’s not the best idea to write ‘Massive chocolate eclair’ next to ‘Complete 12 press ups in a minute.’ The idea of the BodyFix nutrition plan is to change harmful habits. Using food as a reward is one of the most useful to eliminate.

I’m not going to tell you what you should choose as your ‘prize’….it will be very personal to you and the options are limitless. But after my first 10k I booked an afternoon in a Spa and when I lose inches I always buy snazzy new gym kit.

So every time you begin to wonder if an extra hour in bed would be preferable to the 6.15am Bootcamp or when the temptation of a sugar hit from a can of Coke becomes too much…..think of the inch you want off your waist that month….but also of the gift you will give yourself when the tape measure gives you the good news.


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