So you joined BodyFix Bootcamp, York, an amazing decision…it might have been yesterday (‘Hello Newbies….Welcome to the family!) or you could have been a member from the start…whichever, you must have had a reason?! A grand plan?

Chances are it was something like…

“Lose weight”
“Get fit”
“Feel healthy”

These are commendable things to wish for and I’m not going to criticise the thoughts that got you to make that first scary step through the door….but now you’re in, to achieve success, you need to have SMART fitness and health goals.

Fitness goals should be SPECIFIC.

Think of an actual ‘what.’ A statement of intent.

-How many inches would you like to lose?
-What clothes size do you eventually want to be?
-How many more press ups do you think you could do in those 3 minutes?

Fitness goals need to be MEASURABLE

Fitness Test– It’s what we do at the beginning and end of each and every block and is the best way to measure any increase in fitness over that time period. It’s an intrinsic part of the BodyFix program for good reason.

Measurements– Members are always encouraged to do them. They are vital at the beginning of your journey when they should be done regularly….the results will be motivating, educating and are the reason you get to reward yourself with the treats mentioned a previous blog.

Photos-Lots of them! Look at them often. Take more! Photos people will see and photos they won’t!

Health testing– If your health is the major motivating force for joining Bootcamp then make sure you make an appointment with the Doctor for a baseline test on whichever area you want to improve on. M

Fitness goals should be ATTAINABLE and REALISTIC

-You will not safely and sustainably lose two stone in a month. If you have ever managed this at a previous weight or fitness class then chances are you have put it back on and that’s why you are at BodyFix Transformation Centre now.
-Be patient with yourself. Keep trying, keep working hard and you will get there. Push your limits…every session… but don’t expect your body to do things it isn’t ready for yet.
-A small goal….to drink more water in a week….when you are about to have a mental few days at work and will struggle to eat clean and attend every session will keep you feeling positive and moving forwards.

Fitness goals should be TIME-BASED

-Weight, fat and inch loss should be at a steady pace….changing habits and re-learning how to eat takes time but is worth it as then the body mass you lose won’t find you again.
-Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how long something will take…especially when you have no experience to take reference from.┬áBreaking a particular ambition down into small chunks will help….but the best way to know how long it will realistically take you to deadlift 70kg is to ASK. Craig and Ryan will be happy to help you form a plan to get to where you want to be.
-Don’t rush- Want to compete in a Triathlon? Fancy a go at lifting big weights? Awesome! But don’t expect to be ready after a couple of months training….give yourself time, work steadily towards that dream and before you know it the moment will arrive.

Motivation will come from your WHY.

Decide why you have chosen the goals you have….Bootcamp will give you the tools and provide support in abundance but no-one can do it for you. Knowing why you are on this path will motivate and provide focus.
Get your reasons straight in your head….when the Ben and Jerry stand at the cinema is beckoning and resolve is weakening, a reassuring, encouraging voice in your head reminding you of ‘why’ should facilitate a hasty retreat.

Be kind to yourself

Didn’t quite get that extra 10 reps in the Fit Test? But you got 5? Still progress! “Only” an inch off your hips since your last measurements? Still progress!
Life happens. Goals can be adjusted. Learn from disappointments. Feel proud of each and every movement in a positive direction.

Share your goals

Tell people about your plans….friends, family, co-workers…make yourself accountable. Make sure Craig and Ryan know….they’ll do everything they can to help….if you’re comfortable tell other Bootcamp members too…you’ll have your own personal cheerleading squad, we could even organise Pom Poms!

Keep a record

-Write your goals down and stick them on the fridge or front door.
-Use the Tracker App (ask Craig or Ryan) a FitBit or My Fitness Pal.
-Get your name on the whiteboard at Bootcamp and track your Personal Bests

Good Luck!



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