Holidays! LOVE them!! Be it two weeks on a beach in Spain or a long weekend in Butlins (yes, really!!) the chances are you will having some sort of break from routine this summer. 
Your holiday might be the very reason you started your health and fitness journey. Setting a future goal such as this is a great way to get motivated and stay focused. Getting ‘bikini ready’ has certainly been the thinking behind my food choices for the past five weeks. Anyone for a Supergreen juice from the BodyFix Health Store?

What’s the plan when you are away though?! 
Are you happy just to eat, drink and sunbathe for the duration? There’s nothing wrong with that. You deserve to have a great time, guilt free in the knowledge you will be right back on track when you get home.
Or are you hoping to come back looking the same as you do now? Holidays don’t have to mean you wreck all that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Self restraint and continued focus in the face of temptation are admirable qualities. 
Maybe you’re like me….a mix of the two. I’m full of anticipation for my first glass of rose at the airport. Not even bothered that it will be 5am, it’s tradition! However, I’ve also checked out the hotel gym on the website and decided that swimming, squats, press ups and early jogs on the beach are my best option. I got stuck under a bench press bar in 40 degree heat last year…there will be no repeat of that! 
So this is my plan….a lovely, fun, indulgent holiday and back home with an arse that still fits in the plane seat. Here’s how…
Plan Ahead
I know how I want to holiday so I’m packing my supplements, trainers and sports bra. I’ve sussed out the gym, downloaded body weight workouts onto my phone and decided that breakfast will remain healthy protein, gin will be my drink and I’ll eat veg with every meal. 
Keep a Food Diary 
I’ve got a nifty little food diary notepad that I track my meals, snacks and drinks on. (I think Craig has some at bootcamp but if not John Lewis have them in the stationary section) If I know what I’ve eaten and have to be accountable to myself for it then I’m less likely to make poor choices. I hate wasted calories and eating a manky, over sweet piece of cake from the buffet at lunch ‘because it’s there’ will always be silly! 
Enlist support
My husband knows my plan and knows it’s important to me. He’s promised to not surprise me with a Magnum ice cream. I have to specifically plead for it first and even then he must question my motives. He’s a brave to agree to this as there’s a chance I’ll push him in the pool if I really did want a choc ice and he’s not brought me one! 
Don’t be too strict
If you really want it and you know it will be delicious have it. You are on holiday and beautiful food and drink is a joy. 
Don’t eat till over full
Eat, indulge but remember portion control. It is not clever to eat till you’re sick even if you are all inclusive and it’s ‘free food’.
Stay hydrated in heat but remember liquid calories
Usually exist on water and tea? Don’t suddenly decide that sugary pop and juices are the thing to guzzle all day. Some healthy habits are worth keeping especially when you are hot and crispy found the edges from the sun. Thirst quenching is obviously good but not with a massive bottle of Sprite. 
Keep moving
No workout? No problem…your choice! Evening walks on the beach. Lengths of the pool. A hike in the countryside. Tennis at the hotel. Playing with the kids in the sea. All good ways to stay active burn some calories.
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