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Stay motivated and smash your goals - Body Fix Bootcamp York

Burpees! Remember your first ever set of those delightful instruments of torture?! As you jumped back and up for the sixth time in a row it felt like a lung was going to pop, right? It’s when you realise that burpees are an unavoidable part of your shiny new lifestyle that you will begin to question the choices that have led to being face down and puffed out on sweaty mat. Ahhhh but you’re reading this so clearly a bit of misery hasn’t stopped you from embracing all the other amazing things regular exercise has brought to your life. Awesome! Beginning anything new or unfamiliar is scary and the fact you had enough guts to sign up and complete your first few weeks and months at Bootcamp is something to feel very proud about. So, since you first realised that a lap of the gym is totally possible and that a plank CAN be held for 30 seconds what other positive physical and mental changes have you seen and felt?

*Increases in your fitness, technique and strength.

*Inch and fat loss, a drop in dress size and much less wobble all over.

*Longer and better quality sleep.

*Feeling happier and energised.

The benefits of gritting your teeth as press ups and plank builders destroy your shoulders are clear and hopefully you are enjoying being part of our supportive, slightly crazy but funny fitness family. Soooooo are you feeling super motivated to continue your journey towards a full press up or feeling confident on the beach this summer? Maybe motivation is flagging slightly and you’re thinking ‘what next?’

Yes the start of a lifestyle change is tricky, habits and patterns of behaviour need to be changed which takes time and effort. The excitement and sense of achievement is totally worth it, of course it is…..but as time goes on sometimes the novelty wears off and enthusiasm wanes. It’s normal so don’t get frustrated and cross with yourself….be kind. Remember that you were strong and determined enough to begin this journey. That same tough soul of yours can continue on towards building a body and mind that can do ever more amazing things.

Remember why you started

What made you join Bootcamp? A half marathon to train for? Want to play football with the kids without needing oxygen after ten minutes? Did you simply want to wear a fabulous dress to your sister’s wedding? The threat of a bikini in Spain this summer? Or actually did your mate bribe you with gin and beer so that she or he didn’t have to come alone?

There are a million brilliant reasons to want to get fit and healthy. Hold on tight to that first motivating thought and look how far towards that goal you have travelled. Don’t stop now.

Don’t worry what others think or compare yourself

Everyone of us at BodyFix Bootcamp is on a different journey. My aim is to get stronger, the lady you smile at but haven’t spoken to yet at the 9.30 class is determined to complete five burpees in 30 seconds by the end of the next block, the fella in the blue shorts is planning to swing a heavier kettlebell at his next class.

The gorgeous thing about Bootcamp is that no-one is judging anyone else. Remember that because it’s true. We’re all too busy giving ourselves pep talks, thinking about lunch, counting and wondering when the hell that bloody timer is going to end.

Set goals to keep yourself motivated and moving forwards

Set yourself little challenges and as each one is complete you will progress. Don’t let yourself get comfy. It’s meant to be hard work because that’s when the changes to your body happen. Small victories will add up to absolute triumph after a while. Celebrate your success with friends, family and other members.

Take progress pictures

Inch loss is wonderful. The numbers going down (or up if you are trying to build a curvy bum!) is hugely motivating. However some months you will have worked really hard both in class and with healthy food choices but when you are measured on that Friday all you feel is crushing disappointment. That’s when you need your pictures….the inches might have come off your back, the top of your tummy, your thighs might be firmer and arms less jiggly…..all these fantastic changes will have been missed, uncelebrated and motivation destroyed without those pics!

Be kind and forgive yourself. This is a lifestyle not a diet

Heavy weekend on the booze? A family BBQ at which you just want to eat EVERYTHING at and do! Have naughty Ben and Jerry brought out a new, irresistible flavour? Had a niggling injury or illness which has meant missing classes?

Don’t worry about it….hopefully you enjoyed your treats, feel fully rested and fighting fit….a 100% strict regime just isn’t sustainable and is likely to make you sad. Don’t sack off all your great work and give up over a slice of chocolate fudge cake. That would be silly!


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