Stop weighing yourself, it will make you crazy and there are much better, more accurate ways to track your progress. 

When I first started at Body Fix Transformation Centre I would constantly try and sneak a peek at my weight on the gym scales….I always got caught, was told to step away and slowly, slowly I weaned myself off an obsession which would always leave me confused and de-moralised….the inches were coming off and my clothes were looser but those damn scales never told the same tale twice!

It’s true that at certain points on your fitness journey weighing scales can be useful. In the very beginning you may notice some big changes and this can be a powerful motivator to keep going. Later on, your goal might change to muscle building and you will find yourself hoping for the numbers to go up.

However, weighing yourself is without doubt one of the best ways to drive yourself crazy. I’ve done it countless times. Feeling a bit slimmer in my skinny jeans I’d risk a cheeky look at the scales, only to be gutted by a two pound gain from the day before. It didn’t matter that the previous day I had stepped on the scale in a little dress at 8am and was now wearing jeans at 7pm….the damage was done….’May as well go get that biscuit I denied myself earlier!’

If you really, really must use weight as a measure of your progress use the scales carefully

-Changes from one day to the next are difficult to measure accurately and are almost meaningless. Track weight changes over a longer period.

-Weigh yourself once a month or every fortnight, make sure it’s at the same time of day wearing the same clothes. Take out all variables and your weight will be more accurate.

-Sorry to bang on, but whatever happens don’t put too much meaning into your weight gains or losses. There are better ways to judge your progress.

Positive, accurate, encouraging ways to measure how far you are along your fitness/health journey

Take lots of pictures.

I don’t have an official ‘before’ picture and this makes me sad. At my first session I was ashamed of how I looked and felt very sure that this awful exercise business wouldn’t work for me….so why bother?! Big, HUGE mistake!
Now I take them all the time, for my eyes only. The results I’m looking for may be different now…how big my biceps are rather than the size of my thighs…but it is no less uplifting when I spy a positive change.

Take measurements.

It’s an important part of the program at Body Fix Transformation Centre….make sure you do it at least every 8 weeks as inch loss is a great way to track progress.
Another boot-camper will be happy to measure for you but try and ask the same person to do it every time, at the same time of day and place the tape on the same parts of your body.

The Wiggle Test.

This one is my favourite and while there is no real way to test it accurately I think it works beautifully when you are also paying attention to the ‘feel’ of your body as well as the size of it.
Your thighs will begin to feel more toned, your arms will wobble a bit less, wiggle your bum in the mirror and one day it will stop wobbling that bit sooner. Not scientific but a source of much joy.

Keep a diary of how you feel.

How well are you sleeping? Can you now run for a bus or climb up all the stairs at work? Do you eat breakfast now? Are you feeling any positive mood changes? Can you play football with your kids in the park for longer?
All of these are brilliant ways to judge ongoing improvements to your overall health and should be celebrated as much an inch off your waist.

How are your clothes fitting?

From the moment you notice your jeans are zipping up easier to the momentous  day you take a bag full of your bigger sized clothes to the charity shop. Pay attention to how your clothes fit and feel and enjoy the differences.

Set fitness goals.

The day I do a pull up may well be the happiest of my life and reaching that target will mean much more than the loss or gain of a few pounds.
So whether you choose to aim for progression to a heavier kettlebell, a couple more burpees in a minute, squatting with a weight or running your laps that bit quicker, make sure you celebrate those successes. Focus on strength or endurance goals, feel proud when you achieve them and the fat loss will take care of itself.

And one last thing….what does weight even mean anyway?!





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