TurboFit‘-Strength and Conditioning classes available now at BodyFix Transformation Centre on a Pay As You Go or Membership basis.

‘Strength and Conditioning‘ It sounds like the type of thing the grunting muscle men in the weights room would do?! Is that what you’re thinking?! Well you’re right, it is what they do….Google it and you’ll find lots of very serious information. Honestly? If I’d read up on what to expect before trying a S&C class I’d have been terrified!

Wait! Come back….don’t disappear thinking ‘Ohhhh no, that’s not for me!’ without knowing what it is!

Here’s what I know about Strength and Conditioning after over a year of doing TurboFit at BodyFix Transformation Centre, York.

-A progressive, challenging but accessible exercise program that is designed to suit each individual based on their own goals and desires.

-Everyone in the class will be using the weights that suit them and the particular part of the body they are working on….the only competition is with yourself.

-Correct and safe technique is taught, monitored and advised upon by experienced trainers.

-You will improve your strength, power and fitness. This is great at the gym as you are able to lift heavier and heavier weights but it’s even more satisfying to gain when everyday, useful ‘functional strength’.

-Your self confidence, mood and energy levels will be boosted.

-You will become more toned, sculpted and muscle will build.

-Ladies. You will NOT bulk up or look masculine. Do it right and your bum will lift, bingo wings will be gone, there will be no thigh wobble and ‘Hello’ sexy shoulders.

-An increase in muscle results in a boosted metabolic rate….more calories burnt even when you’re sat watching TV. What’s not to love?!

-It will make you smile….smashing a personal best back squat and lifting heavier than the boys is AWESOME!!

-You will be challenged to push yourself past what you think you can’t do but never beyond your capabilities. The trainers are sneaky like that…suddenly you’ll get handed an heavier kettlebell to swing and be wowed and proud that you can actually deal with it.

TurboFit is a Strength and Conditioning program exclusive to BodyFix Transformation Centre.
You will be utilising Concept 2 rowers, Kettlebells, Skipping, Dumbells, Barbells, Sprints and body weight exercises. There will be Instruction and support with technique and safe use of equipment at each and every class.

Pay As You Go- £6 per class.
Membership- £48 for three classes a week.

What’s included:
45 minute TurboFit class
Use of all equipment
Instructor support

TurboFit is on:
Monday & Friday 10:30am & 18:30pm will be programmed Strength and Conditioning classes led by an experienced and motivating trainer who will work with each individual based on their level of fitness and strength.
Tuesday 12:30 and Saturday 09:00 will be optional to boost progress and build further strength.

Click here for information.

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