My favourite place in the world ! Changes a bad day to a fab day!


Great place to get great results and really friendly too!


It feels like a family and you are motivated to do your best and you only compete with yourself (if you want to!). Your personal ailments/issues/problems are answered and your best IS good enough (though you are pushed to find where that is). It makes you proud to be part of it


For me it is the personal side of things, i love the fact that if i don’t turn up for bootcamp for a bit, craig will msg me to see whats going on, i love the banter and the way it feels like family. Iv been to normal gyms and they don’t care if you turn up and you could do a class for a year and no one would know your name. I walk in to bootcamp and Craig and Ryan greet me by my name and i feel welcome, i love bootcamp


Hard to say what I would like to say w/o writing 985 pages so in simple terms my Black Diamond/Bootcamp experience over the last 9 weeks has changed my life. I was in a bad place emotionally & not happy with myself physically but I have LOVED it, so much so I have signed up for a year. Craig has been fantastically supportive to me as has Ryan. I have got fitter, littler but most importantly psychologically better. I have made some lovely new friends and I honestly enjoy every single session…. Thanks guys xxxx


Over the last five years had health issues that made me change my life, took up running loved it, lost weight, great then my knees gave up on me so can’t run as much as I’d like. Suffered again with no exercise so gained weight, got talked into boot camp by my wife who attends, never ever thought it was for me, never really been one for gyms far to many thin people looking down at the new fatty. Not at all like that, first session I was welcomed and made to feel at ease, everyone was keen to encourage especially the trainers, both of which are completely different in styles but equally as demanding. Never ever ever thought I would say I’m hooked, but I think I am.


The Body Fix Transformation Centre does exactly what it says it does and has transformed me physically and mentally.  Over the seven months that I have been attending Body Fix I have lost 7 stone and 63 inches from my measurements.  My approach to nutrition and exercise has altered giving me a much health lifestyle and improved overall wellbeing.  This has been made possible by the amazing support received from Craig, Ryan and all of the Body Fix members.

Before I started the Body Fix Boot Camp I was unfit and suffering from a range of weight related ailments.  I finally decided to look for options rather than joining a standard gym and came across the Body Fix website.  The next day I dropped by the centre and met with Craig.  I was apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to join due to my size and nervous about the gym environment.  Craig was supportive from the outset and reassured me that I would be able to undertake the boot camp and that any activities could be tailored to my abilities.   I left my details and a short while later I had all the information in my inbox with a start date of the following Monday.

I attended my first session on the 2nd March 2015 where Ryan greeted me by name and welcomed me to the centre.  Ryan took my measurements and then introduced the block’s fitness test.  Each block is made up of 3 boot camp sessions per week for four weeks with a fitness test completed on the first and last session.  The first fitness test was the ‘birthday’ fitness test which is made up of a series of 12 exercises (1 for each month repeated by how many days there are within the assigned month). Later in the day I received a message from Craig asking how the session had gone. I responded to say that I didn’t think I had done very well.  This was followed by immediate encouragement from Craig who told me to take things slowly and not be discouraged by any aches.  At the next session I was aching however by the end of the warm up the aches had eased and I was able to work through the session.


What I love – varied classes, fun atmosphere, great trainers, positive attitude, confidence and ability to try half marathons and assault courses. Reasons why I stay – in my eyes I owe a great deal to these guys they have changed me from that fat guy who struggled to walk over tesco bridge to that not so fat guy who is extremely happy with his new improved lifestyle. I know Craig will say I have to put the work in but if he wasnt the trainer he is and didnt teach Ryan to b the instructor he has become I wouldn’t have stayed…..


Really enjoyed my 14 day trial it’s being fab.. Awesome workouts!! Love it x x x


Been a member of gyms for years and never had results like what I have had from boot camp. I am fitter and stronger than ever. Love to come, it really doesn’t feel like a chore. Great atmosphere and everyboby supports each other. Fantastic classes really varied. Don’t know what you are walking into. Amazing trainers that keep you motivated and give support in anything from nutrition to technique and much more.


Love it love it love it!! Changed my figure completely and changed my life too xx


Fantastic atmosphere, the instructors are ace, love the different types of classes


Great atmosphere great encouragement, dint think it was possible to laugh so much at 6-15 am!!! Oh and my clothes are baggy now makes it a pleasure to get up early


Last week my husband paid me a rather special compliment. It was completely unexpected and appeared without the customary prompting. “You look even better than you did on our wedding day.”, he said.

WOW, all those early morning alarm calls have certainly paid off. After only 6 months of Bootcamp, I have shed almost a stone in weight and more importantly inches all over – and have never felt better.

Every morning, myself and fellow bootcampers arrive bleary eyed and glum. And every morning, without fail, we are greeted by Craig’s huge grin and cheeky banter – within seconds that 5.50am alarm call is a distant memory.

After a carefully constructed warm up, we are all geared up and ready to go.

With the music cranked up, our session starts – often to one of Craig’s aptly chosen playlist tracks, ‘What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger’!!

Burpees, Power Jacks, Renegade Row, Mountain Climbers, Plank Twists. Shuttle Runs – every session is completely different and works all areas of the body. By the end of the 45 minutes, although we’ve worked hard, we are buzzing and ready for the day ahead, safe in the knowledge that our exercise for the day is in the bag.

Bootcamp is a fantastic way to get fit, toned, lose weight and inches, and generally feel fabulous. Thank you Craig for your motivation, encouragement and enthusiasm – and even for those finishers!!!


My weekly PT sessions have complimented and enhanced my bootcamp program by enabling me to focus on key areas of my training. I enjoy boxing classes but PT sessions with pad work refines my boxing technique and dramatically increases my fitness. I have also used my PT sessions for weight training and smashed my personal best for deadlifts. Craig has become a good friend and is very knowledgeable and supportive personal trainer. He puts up with my whining, swearing, personal dramas and I even get to punch him when he isn’t quick enough to block it! After putting up with me Craig will either get a medal or be sectioned. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


I was nervous about signing up at the start I didn’t know anyone & wasn’t sure what to expect. But the instructors Craig & Henry have been great. They are helpful & supportive but push you when you need to. They seem to know each individuals capabilities & can tailor the exercises if needed. I’ve been going 4 months 3 times a week & I’ve yet to have a duplicate session! That’s brill because if you’re not really feeling up for it you have no idea what it will be so its not like you know whats ahead! Those days that I’ve not felt like going but got myself there I have felt so much better for going! So far I have lost nearly 2 stone & many inches off my waist, bum & legs, I feel so much better about myself! I’m still a work in progress & would like to lose more but this works along with healthy eating I am both physically & psychologically in a better place than I was 4 months ago! Everyone is so friendly I have met lots of lovely people & we have such a laugh you leave sweaty & smiling what more can you ask for!


I joined a year ago now & love it! The classes are fab & everyone can work to their own fitness too! Craig & Henry are great! They encourage you throughout your class, support you in making sure your form is correct & support you with nutrition too! Everyone who goes there too are friendly & if you go on your own you never feel alone! This place has increased my confidence so much in myself too if your thinking about joining just do it! You won’t regret it!

Laura Mc

Soon as you walk in the team are so friendly and soon make you feel at home. The classes are suitable for all fitness levels and every class is different. I have just finished my first month and have signed up for another 6! Would definitely recommend.


I started PT sessions with Craig in July 2017. When I started I had a vague goal of getting fitter and losing weight. What I’ve actually achieved is fitness beyond what I ever thought I was capable of (and still progressing), a mindset which has made me think I can do anything I put my mind to and I’m looking and feeling better than I ever have. During sessions Craig really does push you to your limits. The sessions are so varied you cannot possibly get bored, we set regular goals together and check back to ensure those goals are being met. Craig is incredibly encouraging during the sessions and of everything I do outside of our sessions too. The Bodyfix gym is a fun and inclusive place to train and everyone is so friendly. I love the feeling of getting a personal best, whether it be a deadlift or a 1000m row, and I can’t wait to keep smashing those goals.


Customer Service Manager

Body Fix is an amazing place! They take completely unfit clients and change them into mean lean body machines! I had no interest in gyms, fitness or any form of exercise. I suffered depression and isolation. The weight was creeping on, I knew I had to do something. I started at Bodyfit and slowly became quite keen on exercise! I could see changes in my weight and my mind so I have continued . Everyone is very friendly and we all support each other.


After having my baby girl I was really nervous about getting back to exercise and lacked so much confidence in my own abilities. However, the moment I spoke to Craig about PT sessions he tailored a session to meet all of my needs. He also invited me to speak with one of the other coaches who is trained in postpartum exercise. This, coupled with Craig’s enjoyable, varied and challenging sessions has helped me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Craig always listens and makes me feel so comfortable during his sessions, yet he also pushes you to work beyond your comfort zone and this has given me the best results. My body has completely transformed since having Craig as a PT and coach and I feel physically and mentally healthier. I could not ask for or recommend a better PT.


Dance Teacher

I only started PT sessions with Craig 8 weeks ago, but I’m already lighter, leaner, stronger and fitter.
My progress had slowed down prior to joining Bodyfix, but my sessions with Craig have given me a new focus and motivation. When I first spoke to Craig he promised me no session would ever be the same so I wouldn’t get bored…and he’s been true to his word!
Craig’s approach is the perfect mix of support and unwielding drive – and he pushes me outside my comfort zone in every session – but there’s obviously method to his madness, as it’s working!
Bodyfix is also a friendly place to be – all the coaches say hello (unheard of in some gyms!) and there’s plenty of banter to take your mind off the pain of the session!
I can’t wait to see where I’ll be after the next 8 weeks!


I started training with Craig F at the BFTC sessions in Bishopthorpe in April 2017 to support my wife who had started her sessions the previous August. I was very reluctant to go along as although I was unfit, very lethargic I thought I didn’t need to get fit at all as I thought I was fine as I was and it will be full of people looking down at me. although I was turning into what I did not want to become which was an unhealthy grumpy middle aged man I just thought this isn’t the answer. I discovered that the people are lovely and the sessions are actually very enjoyable. The sessions I find are tough and challenging physically and mentally but the results are over time you become physically stronger and mentally stronger. Due to Craig’s fantastic people skills and ability to tailor sessions to the whichever group he’s working with you find yourself being gently pushed but as you become physically stronger you push yourself harder and in turn you become mentally stronger and better able to push yourself again and so the virtuous circle turns. My energy and fitness levels are soaring and I find I’m better able to cope with a very demanding job and life in general. All I can say to anyone thinking of going to a session to try it is do it you’ll love it. Over time it’s the best thing you will ever do as great things come of it.


I stared personal training sessions with Craig 18 months ago. At the time I had no energy, little strength ,unstable joints and I wasnt in a good place. Fast forward 18 months everything has changed! I have got bags of energy, stronger muscles, more stable joints but the biggest change of all has been my mental health. I can honestly say my pt session is the highlight of my week and I couldn’t survive without it!


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