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Finding your 'Click' - Body Fix Bootcamp York


‘Finding your ‘Click

The decision to join bootcamp was the first step on your journey, the second step was the physical act of getting through the door. The motivation behind your nervous self being stood ready for your first class is something you should hold on to….be it to lose inches or weight, run a 10k, lift a small car above your head, or to be able to run for a bus without oxygen….hold it close because that dream is what made you take action and that’s more than a lot of people ever manage, they just keep wishing while you are doing.

But what if that motivation isn’t enough?

You want it and are prepared to work for it but something isn’t quite right….your results aren’t what you hoped, your craving for cake is actually painful, the justification for taking time out of family/work life to exercise is hard to find or you are increasingly frustrated that those burpees aren’t getting any quicker to do.

You have to find ‘The Click’

The what now?! The Click can be a moment, a thought, an idea, an experience or a realisation. The Click is a cog in your head clunking into place, making things clearer. The BodyFix Bootcamp programme and how it relates specifically to you will make more sense.

I’ve had lots of Clicks since joining Bootcamp….

-The inches will not come off until I eat cleaner. Exercise alone did not work on my body the way I wanted it to. It took me five months to realise this.

-I will never be the quickest and it doesn’t matter. I stopped worrying about what everyone else was doing as it was making me miserable and I felt like a failure.

-Vegetables were my nemesis. Nasty textures! The solution? Super Greens juice from Bootcamp and I bought blender to make soup!

Juicing seems to have produced Click moments in many members I’ve spoken to. When you have a troublesome relationship with food the act of replacing your meals with liquid nutrition for three, five or even 21 days leads to a re-think about how you eat and new, healthier habits.

Maybe your Click will come once you have achieved your original goal. You dropped three dress sizes, you feel amazing….what now?! Your new body is capable of much more than you ever hoped….fitness increases not fat loss, a Triathalon, a pull up….new dreams and targets to aim for that make sense to you and your personal journey.

A Click that makes a huge difference to you might seem trivial to someone else. The super rich, gorgeous, gooey and CLEAN Brownie recipe you found…half a slice is enough to kill your craving for cake without the guilt, the inches will still come off and a sugar crash averted.

If you ARE struggling with something, if you have a niggling frustration then the best advice would always be to talk about it….have a chat with Craig, Ryan or even another Bootcamp member…..use the support network on offer. I’m certain that if I’d done this my Clicks would have happened sooner and saved me a lot of angst.

Visit our website through the link to find the support you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

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