Body Fix TurboBox

What is it?

Boxing based fitness class utilising the use of focus pads, punch bags, body weight exercises and equipment to provide a high intensity, fun filled fitness session targeting the whole body.
£6 pay as you go, no prior booking required

Who is it for?

TurboBox is aimed at beginner and intermediate ability levels, however the workouts can be advanced or regressed to suit individual requirements.
TurboBox is not designed to teach someone how to box, it simply uses the fitness aspects of boxing to create a safe and effective workout.

How does it work?

Time based, full body workout incorporating a wide range of techniques and exercises to provide a high intensity full body session.

What’s included?

Access to the full session of TurboBox
Use of equipment including gloves, pads, punchbags

What times is it on?

Tuesday’s 06:15-07:00 & 18:15-19:00
Wednesday 10:30-11:15
Thursday’s 09:30-10:15 & 18:15-19:00

Saturday’s 10:15-11:15

What should I do next?

Just turn up 10 minutes prior to your first session in order to complete the pre exercise forms and introduction to the session

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