TurboBox Pay As You Go classes running now at BodyFix Transformation Centre in York.

We promise to deliver a fun, energising workout that will burn fat and tone your arm, shoulder and core muscles.

Our expert trainers will guide you through a combination of body weight exercises and boxing with pads and bags. An adrenaline pumping TurboBox session will work every area of your body and is perfect as a fitness regime in it’s own right or as a great calorie torching addition to our BodyFix Bootcamp programme.

Feel intimidated by the thought of strapping on a massive pair of boxing gloves and cluelessly standing in a class of Rocky wannabes?! Don’t be worried!! We welcome all levels of experience and fitness and you’ll soon make friends as you laugh with each other over your occasional inability to know your left from your right.

I’m inept at boxing. Truly! But it doesn’t stop me going. In fact my co-ordination and technique has got much, much better with the endlessly patient guidance of the TurboBox trainers….keep trying and slowly, slowly (or quickly, quickly if you have the skill!) you’ll get better.

TurboBox is an awesome mental workout, the morning classes are excellent at kick starting my tired brain into gear. Finally sussing out a mix of punches and dips while remembering posture, defence and technique is a real joy. I usually manage a couple of perfect combinations before thinking too much and having to start again…’s a brilliant battle between just wanting to let a hook fly and the discipline to execute that hook correctly.

Stress will melt away as you smack the hell out of a heavy bag. The thwack of glove on leather is a beautiful thing after a long week. It worries me how much I actually enjoy it. Then again
I’m not the only one…..I’ve seen shy and timid ladies turn into roaring tigers as soon as they get gloved up.

Mood lifting, brain boosting, calorie killing, high intensity, smile inducing and bingo wing reducing……TurboBox classes at BodyFix Transformation Centre, York.

Pay As You Go classes £6

Equipment provided. Experienced and knowledgable trainers. Supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Tuesday 6.15am, 9.30am, 6.00pm
Thursday 6.15am
Saturday 10.15am


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