“Time”. A little word with lots of power.

Creating time for exercise and using it productively is one of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself. But how?! We’re all so busy it seems impossible to magic up an hour a day to invest in fitness.
Good intentions to go to the gym after work are scuppered by the suggestion of a cheeky pint at the pub, hopes of nipping to a BodyFix Bootcamp class at lunch time are de-railed by an urgent email. Children, parents, friends and work all makes demands on your precious ‘me time’ from the minute you wake up.
And there it is….the practical solution. ‘The minute you wake up’ that’s when the grind starts….so carve out time to exercise by rising early and getting it done before life distracts you. The benefits of an early morning workout will far out-weigh any dread you feel at the thought of a 6am alarm call.
Does this horrify you? Have you always needed an gallon of coffee and two hours of silence before you feel fully awake?! Stay with me….I get it, I do! I’m not a bounce out of bed, ‘up and at ’em’ type either. Hell no! However, I promise that making the effort will be worth it….and you may (sooner than you think too!!) begin to enjoy it.

Want to feel energised and productive for the rest of the day?

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Great reasons for early morning Personal Training, Bootcamp classes or TurboBox sessions at The BodyFix Transformation Centre in York:

-Exercising early in the day will elevate your metabolism for hours and you will burn extra calories throughout the day.
-Your mood will be lifted, you’ll feel energised, have lower stress levels and be generally more ready for the day. I definitely feel happier on days I’ve been to 6.15am Bootcamp or TurboBox classes.
-Your fitness journey will be consistent as you’ve deftly side stepped any potential distractions and made sure you get to a class or PT session on most days. You’ll reach your goals quicker and avoid the guilt and frustration of missing out on planned work-outs.
-Exercising regularly increases the quality of your sleep so you’ll need less. Also, getting up at the same time each day will allow your body to settle into a rhythm and you will wake slowly and gently. I know you don’t believe a word of it but 5.45am starts will become a natural, painless part of your day.
-A work-out increases mental sharpness. This brainpower boost lasts around 6 hours. Exercising in the morning means you’ll be using it on something more useful than finding a comfy sleep position.
-You’ll start the day ready to make further healthy choices. Having cake for lunch and wasting your hard work at an earlier PT session will not be an attractive option. Similarly thinking that you can work off that sneaky biscuit ‘later’ won’t be a temptation anymore.
Some people even find that exercising early doors actually regulates their appetite. For a food obsessive like me that’s a massive bonus.
-Starting the day by doing something to look after your body, mind and inner self is a lovely feeling. You have taken the time out to put yourself first and had the discipline to make healthy choices other, less focused people, would shy away from.
-If you really aren’t a morning person and your mind is boggling at the idea of doing a burpee at 7am…..think how proud and gratified you will feel when you have made that effort. You’ll deserve to feel a bit smug and tell everyone at work what you achieved that morning before they had even moved a toe!”
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